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Offshore sailing is one of the all-time greatest ways to spend time, but it can be daunting to start – particularly with the enormous range of gear available.

It is sensible to assume that offshore is always a bit colder and a bit wetter than you expect.  Warm and dry is how you want to start off, and how you want to continue.  Particularly if you are prone to sea-sickness (and it’s surprising how many highly experienced sailors are) getting cold can make symptoms worse.  Pack some motion sickness pills to take before we leave the dock, and we will keep you topped up with Ginger Nuts; one of the most effective remedies!  

Don’t spend a fortune before your first time out, speak to us first and the following kit list will give you an idea of what you need.  Spend your money on good boots, good gloves and a hat, these are absolute essentials.  

Weather can be annoyingly unpredictable, so when we are racing for several days you can end up wearing everything from thermals to shorts often only a couple of hours apart.

Keep an eye on the forecast before you leave, but we’d recommend that you assume that it will be cold and wet at some point.  It has been known to be blazing sunshine mid ocean, but don’t rely on it…


Suncream – High Factor and waterproof

Sunglasses – Polarised essential with some sort of retainer to prevent them going over the side

Warm hat – some sort of beanie which comes down over your ears is best for night sailing, but a cap is fine during the day as long as it is clipped on

Scarf – man-made fibre or silk is ideal

Thermal top and bottoms – more important than you can possibly imagine, don’t step on board without them until we get down to the Med!

T-shirts – bring a few


Swimmers & a fast dry towel

Lightweight fleece(s) – work well when you layer up

Trousers – cotton or synthetic for sailing, jeans only on shore never at sea

Spare socks

Sailing gloves – sailing gloves have open fingers so you can still work lines, when you are helming or not trimming worm gloves are good.  For offshore work, assume one set gets wet whilst another is drying out down below.

Sailing boots – leather sailing boots are a great investment and being warm and dry makes up for the eye watering prices….

Mid-layer – specific sailing mid layers are good, but not essential, use whatever will fit under your foulies

Foulies – you will be out in wind and waves for longer offshore than inshore, so make sure your jacket is up to the job – speak to us, we are happy to advise and we have some to borrow if you need

Head Torch – essential for night watches, make sure it has red and white light options

Shore clothes – change into something dry and cool for your well deserved pint/dozen oysters/steak frites

Sleeping bag and pillow

Soft Sports bag  – it doesn’t need to be a dry bag, but it does have to be soft and not enormous!


After sun


Water Bottle – it is easy to let yourself become dehydrated on the water, and we try to avoid single use plastic unless absolutely necessary

Passport – best to check you have at least six months remaining

If you have any questions, or are unsure of anything – email or pick up the phone!

Whatever you want to achieve, we will provide a supportive and safe environment on the boat where you can learn, build sea miles and have a thoroughly great time at sea.

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