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What We do


Why First Offshore Sailing?  Many sailors start with RYA Sailing Courses then progress to family flotilla holidays and coastal sailing trips.  The next step; sailing out of sight of land, more adventurous passages and sailing in new and unexplored waters is often difficult to achieve.  That’s what First Offshore Sailing is here to do.  Come and join us!

Sailing adventures in safety.  One of our crew  said it really well: “I want a sailing experience which takes me out of my comfort zone.  But within the Skipper’s!”

As an experienced transatlantic ocean sailor – our skipper has the experience and the qualifications to make each passage fun, safe and rewarding.

Expand your sailing horizons.  Each sailing trip is designed to pack as much as we can into the experience.  What do you want ?

Night sailing?  Every trip has at least one night passage.  Few experiences compare to the thrill of sailing along with phosphorescence bubbling along below and a starlit sky above.


Whatever you want to achieve, we will provide a supportive and safe environment on the boat where you can learn, build sea miles and have a thoroughly great time at sea.


There is no substitute for experience, take the helm offshore of our 40ft race yacht and be guided in downwind and upwind helming.

Passage planning, pilotage and celestial navigation are all skills to practice on our trips.

Sail Trim?
You don’t have to be a racer to improve your sail trimming skill, under our guidance we show how to gain that extra speed under sail.

Looking after a crew at sea is so important – if that is your thing then join in.  If not, enjoy; food tastes better at sea!

And if you ever asked yourself:
How do I use a sextant at sea? Let us show you…



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join our crew

expand your sailing horizons

We run sailing trips from the Solent across the English Channel to explore the Channel Islands, down to the Scilly Isles and across the Irish Sea to the amazing sailing waters of the West Coast of Scotland.